ADL Coordinates Seminar on Cyber Security

  • May 15, 2014


Officer John Johnson, Samuel A. Sutton, Jack Brandt at ADL’s Cyber Security Seminar

A seminar on cyber security coordinated by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) brought together three information technology experts to talk about how individuals and organizations could protect their information.

Presenters included Houston Police Department (HPD) Senior Officer John Johnson, Information Security Officer for HPD and a certified ethical hacker.   Officer Johnson summarized possible vulnerabilities, and demonstrated how easy it could be for someone to breach a system quickly, and how much longer it might take for users of that system to figure out it had been breached.

Samuel A. Sutton, of the FBI’s Cyber Squad, walked participants through an FBI investigation of a network breach, and showed how the network was attacked from all over the world, how he figured out which of the attacks was most dangerous, and how the investigation was resolved in an indirect way.

Technology Support, Inc. CEO Jack Brandt, who founded the company 20 years ago and has been working with organizations and businesses on their information technology systems, expanded on Officer Johnson’s presentation with lessons he had learned from his years of experience in the industry, including takeaways such as it’s important to have extremely strong passwords and different passwords for different accounts and one should never use public Wi-Fi.

The seminar was coordinated by ADL’s Security Committee, led by chair Don Maierson and Vice Chair Dee Dee Dochen, who opened and closed the session, respectively.  It was hosted by the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center (ERJCC). For more information on ADL Security Seminars, contact Dena Marks at