ADL’s Southwest Region trains hundreds of law enforcement officers annually to recognize and respond to hate crimes and reevaluate their role in society.

ADL’s Hate Crimes Training is a 2-to-4-hour workshop for law enforcement officers that includes the definition of a hate crime, emphasizes the importance of hate crime laws, helps officers interact productively with hate crime victims, informs them of extremists and hate groups in our area, and helps them identify those extremists through tattoos, signs and symbols.  The training also involves problem-solving exercises to prepare them for hate crime investigations.

ADL’s Law Enforcement In Society (LEIS) demonstrates and affirms how law enforcement officers are instrumental to upholding the fabric of our democracy against the backdrop of lessons learned from the Holocaust.  LEIS is facilitated by a combination of ADL staff, Holocaust Museum Houston staff, and an officer from the Houston Police Department.

Both courses provide continuing education credit for law enforcement officers and strengthen the already deep bonds between law enforcement and ADL.