ADL Receives 2015 NAACP Presidential Award

  • November 6, 2015

ADL Receives 2015 NAACP Presidential Award

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was presented the National Association of Colored People’s (NAACP’s) Presidential Award at the Houston chapter’s 97th Annual Freedom Fund Advocacy and Awards Gala: “Pursuing Liberty in the Face of Injustice” on October 30.   The award was accepted by ADL National Chair Marvin D. Nathan.   He told the crowd:

“Our organizations have fought and continue to fight against the same injustices, and have promoted and continue to promote tolerance and respect among all Americans.  Our organizations have been allies in the war against the racists, the bigots, the extremists, the anti-Semites—against all of the haters—who must be confronted whenever and wherever they rise because if any person or group is not secure, then none of us are secure.  Our mutual quest to end discrimination and hatred has been endless, but we must and we shall continue to overcome the haters.”

James Douglas, NAACP Branch President, gave special thanks to the event’s honorees “for their long service in the overall civil rights community….The ADL for its decades of service not only to the Jewish community, but to the entire civil rights community in this city and in this state and in this country.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee presented ADL with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition that stated:  “You have worked tirelessly to positively impact our world and inspire others to do the same.  Your actions inspire others to dream more, to learn more, to do more and to become more.  The Anti-Defamation League’s drive and dedication to life and community is worthy of the respect, admiration, and commendation of the United States Congress.”

The gala was attended by more than 900 people and raised money for the programs and services of the NAACP.