High Holidays Reminder of ADL’s High Importance

  • September 15, 2015

As we move into the new year, please accept our wishes for a healthy, happy new year full of sweetness, respect and love, and devoid of trouble, hate and floodwaters!   Events of the past year remind us just how vital the Anti-Defamation League, the work we do together and the work you support so generously is of utmost importance.

We live in a time when Black Americans have a heightened sense of being targeted by police.   It is a time when police feel targeted by unhappy, distrustful citizens.   In the past year we’ve lived through the horrific mass murder of African American churchgoers by a young man with an apparent white supremacist ideology.  We have faced anti-Semitic and racist desecrations in San Antonio.

Now more than ever, we need ADL!  We are available 24/7, even when our office is closed, If you need to talk to someone from ADL during the high holidays or any other time that our office is closed, call Dena Marks on her cell at 832-567-8843, and have safe, reflective, bountiful holidays.