No Place for Hate® Heading for Record Year

  • November 26, 2013

As of December 19, the Southwest Region had received 432 applications from schools wanting to participate in No Place for Hate®, a new record!  

Assistant Project Director Pam Autio says, “Depending upon whether they complete the requirements, we may have 400 or more No Place for Hate® schools in our region at the end of the year.   That would be an increase of 3990% since the program began!”

In order to be designated No Place for Hate®, participants at a school must fill out an Intent Form and Commitment Form, sign a Resolution of Respect, create a No Place for Hate® task force or committee comprised of students as well as educators, complete at least three anti-bias activities spread throughout the school year, document those activities through Activity Forms and other means and submit all that to ADL for approval. 

The deadline for submitting completion forms and documentation of all the activities is April 15.  After those are approved, No Place for Hate® designations will be given.