Region Writes Dairy Queen About Restaurant with Anti-Hindu Signs

  • April 12, 2016

In a letter to American Dairy Queen Corporation’s President and CEO John Gainor, ADL expressed concern that Kemah Dairy Queen owner Muhammad Dar, displayed hateful signs in and outside the restaurant that equated racism with Hinduism.

ADL’s letter read:  “While Mr. Dar has a First Amendment right to display these signs, we join with those who find these signs offensive and divisive.  We are disappointed that Mr. Dar chooses to use his Dairy Queen franchise to espouse hatred and bigotry, especially since people of all faiths and backgrounds live in that community and go to Dairy Queen.” We called on Dairy Queen to examine its policies in efforts to ensure its restaurants are not used to promote hate and bigotry.”

The restaurant has since changed owners and the new owners have taken down the hateful signs.

Local Hindu leaders praised ADL for its efforts on their behalf.  Their statement, in part, says “The Hindu community in Greater Houston is appreciative of the efforts of the Anti-Defamation League and other organizations to try and resolve this matter. We continue to condemn the bigoted message of the signs and posters of Mr. Dar.”