Susan Shaw Receives Milton A. Senn Award for Professional Excellence

  • November 25, 2014

ADL Associate Director and Director of Education Susan Shaw received the ADL’s highest award for employees, the Milton A. Senn Award, at Southwest Region’s November board meeting.

The Milton A. Senn Award is given to two ADL employees, one at ADL’s National Headquarters and one regional employee,  for professional excellence.   Criteria include the creativity, conscientiousness and dedication, effectiveness in carrying out assigned tasks, and fundraising, if applicable.

Susan excels in all those areas, and she got some wonderful compliments from Education Chair Emily Deakins, and Chris Kase, who spoke in her husband Walter’s stead.

Emily said of Susan: “she has many accomplishments to be proud of, but what I think makes her so outstanding is that she cares not only about her work, but also about the people around her working with her to fulfill the mission of ADL.”

Chris added, “Today, Walter would be proud of you and for you… you are irreplaceable.  An authentic woman, filled with wisdom and courage.”  All of us who work with Susan, second those motions.

Susan was gracious and modest in accepting the award, giving much of the credit to others.  She especially thanked Walter Kase and Naomi Warren, who she said supported her from the beginning of her anti-bias education journey.