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Words of Gratitude

  • August 24, 2018

We always like to hear from those who benefit from our programs and services.  We thought you might like to see a couple of examples of what they are saying!  Here are two messages from recent programs and services:

Houston Assistant Police Chief Larry Satterwhite just got back from ADL’s National Counterterrorism Seminar.  He says,  “this has been an incredible experience for me both professionally and personally. I can’t say thank you enough to the ADL and my colleagues in Israel for making this trip possible. I feel I have a much deeper and comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in this region of the world and their relevance to the entire world. I believe this understanding will enhance my capabilities as a leader and problem solver. I am also grateful for the new relationships formed with my law enforcement colleagues who joined me on this trip. We all have benefited greatly from this experience.”


From one of our No Place for Hate® school counselors at Briarwood School: “This year’s events have had the strongest, positive impact on our student body. The last event on diversity helped our students see they are not alone. Additionally, this particular event fostered compassion and empathy among students because they realized some of their friends had experienced bullying in the form of negative judgments for being different and the damage those judgments caused. We also have had a decrease in name-calling although it is does still occur occasionally. Our students are more aware of the harms of name-calling as well as how to stop or respond to it. As the administrator over discipline, I’ve noticed that when our middle school students report incidents of name-calling or other bullying, the victim is always accompanied by several of his/her peers. Those peers are there for support. This is an amazing development that reflects the confidence and empowerment that we are trying to instill.”