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ADL National Chair Ben Sax Visits Houston

  • June 5, 2024

ADL National Chair Ben Sax

ADL’s National Chair Ben Sax met with local movers and shakers, spoke about ADL’s work at an insider briefing, met with Southwest Regional staff and spoke at the agency’s May board meeting during a late-May three-day visit to Houston.

Sax’s schedule included meetings with some well-known Houston citizens, inluding former Southwest Region Board Chairs and others.

His packed itinerary also included the Southwest Region’s May 22 board meeting, where he urged regional board members to get more actively involved with the region’s work.   He stressed the importance of board members being ambassadors for the agency, and helping to raise money, not just by donating themselves, but by introducing ADL staff to others who would be interested in ADL’s work.  He also stressed the importance of sharing contacts and leveraging relationships that might benefit ADL in other ways.