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Cardinal DiNardo Meets with ADL Leaders

Leaders of the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL’s) Southwest Region met recently with His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo to talk about issues important to ADL and discuss how the agency can work with the Cardinal and the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston. Topics discussed at the hour-long meeting included Catholic-Jewish relations, immigration reform and refugee resettlement, opposing Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) and supporting

ADL Sends Letter to Republican Party Chair Denouncing Pastor’s Anti-Muslim Remarks

After reports surfaced that a pastor for the Harris County Republican Party tried to convince party members not to vote to put a Muslim party member on a committee because he was Muslim, ADL sent a letter to Harris County Republican Chair Paul Simpson denouncing Pastor Trebor Gordon’s remarks and actions. Here is a copy of the letter sent to

Region Writes Dairy Queen About Restaurant with Anti-Hindu Signs

In a letter to American Dairy Queen Corporation’s President and CEO John Gainor, ADL expressed concern that Kemah Dairy Queen owner Muhammad Dar, displayed hateful signs in and outside the restaurant that equated racism with Hinduism. ADL’s letter read:  “While Mr. Dar has a First Amendment right to display these signs, we join with those who find these signs offensive

Mark Yudof Speaks About BDS, Anti-Semitism on Campus

Professor of Law Emeritus and Emeritus President of the University of California, former Chancellor of the University of Texas System and Former Dean of the University of Texas School of Law, Mark Yudof did double duty while in Houston recently to pay tribute to his friend, Harry Reasoner at the Karen H. Susman Jurisprudence Luncheon. The following morning, he spoke about