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Director of Baker Institute Speaks to ADL Board About Similarities in Work

  • September 8, 2022

Providing facts, facts that reveal the truth, counter conspiracy theories, and help people grasp and deal with reality, is a shared mission of Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and ADL, according to new Baker Institute Director David M. Satterfield.

Ambassador Satterfield spoke to ADL’s board at its September 2022 board meeting, and without a single note, outlined the work of the Baker Institute, forecast the future work of the Institute, and offered a solution for countering misinformation, disinformation and conspiracies that seem to be mounting nationally and globally.

The Ambassador said he was a newcomer to Houston, but not a newcomer to ADL, as he had worked with ADL on a regional level, national level, and also overseas during his 40 years as a diplomat.

He said he appreciated ADL’s continuing “fact-based, evidence-based work” to counter conspiracy mongering “against the other.” He noted the Baker Institute’s work also revolves around fact-based research designed to help leaders make decisions. “We write for policy makers, for deciders, corporate executives, NGO leaders, and national, state and local officials. We don’t editorialize,” the Ambassador said. “We let the facts speak for themselves.”

Ambassador Satterfield said Secretary James A. Baker and Rice University founded the Institute with the idea that “we would do work which we could perform at the highest possible level, and where we had value-added to contribute.”`

The Ambassador noted “energy policy is our star,” but pointed out the think-tank worked on all sorts of global issues. He spoke about an upcoming commemoration of Israel’s 75th birthday, with a series of programs looking at both external and internal challengers for the Jewish state.

He said he appreciated the opportunity to speak to ADL leaders, and hoped he and the Baker Institute could work with ADL even more in the future.