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ADL Supporting Memorial High School as it Responds to Graffiti, Commends Principal and Administrators

  • January 4, 2017

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was dismayed to learn of the hateful graffiti left on the school property of Memorial High School.

ADL supported the principal of the school and Spring Branch ISD officials as they addressed the situation and worked to assure that students know Memorial High School is a safe, inclusive and respectful environment in which to learn.

ADL commends principal Lisa Weir, the staff of Memorial High School and the Spring Branch ISD administration for responding quickly to the graffiti and for doing what they can to ensure students’ safety, comfort and welfare.

“We condemn these messages of hate and find them deplorable.  We share that view with Memorial High School and Spring Branch administrators and staff,” said ADL Southwest Regional Director Dayan Gross.   “Our conversations with the school and Spring Branch ISD officials reflect that the situation is being addressed from all angles, and we are confident that Memorial High School students understand that respect is of utmost importance on campus and administrators, counselors and faculty are doing everything they can so that students feel they are in a safe learning environment.”

Memorial High School is one of ADL’s No Place for Hate® campuses, which means  students and educators already have a system in place to respond to this situation and students have many tools with which they can reject hateful language and continue to sustain a campus which promotes diversity and inclusion.

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