Texas State Court Rejects Governor’s Limit on Drop-off Sites for Absentee Ballots

A state court has halted Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s attempt to limit ballot return locations for absentee ballots. The district court of Travis County issued a temporary injunction in Anti-Defamation League Austin, Southwest, and Texoma Regions vs. Abbott, stopping the operation of an October 1 order issued by the governor. The order prohibits counties from providing more than one ballot

ADL Issues Guide for States and Municipalities on Countering Potential Election-Motivated Violent Extremism in 2020

October 8, 2020 … ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) is distributing guidance for state governments and local municipalities with a series of best practices for countering the possibility of election-motivated violence on or after the general election on November 3. The goal is to ensure that voters can feel safe and secure going to the polls and afterwards.  “With so much

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Texas Governor’s Limit on Drop-Off Sites for Absentee Ballots

Anti-Defamation League and Common Cause Sue to Protect Voters’ Options During Pandemic October 5, 2020  Today, the ADL’s (Anti-Defamation League’s) Austin, Southwest, and Texoma Regions, Common Cause Texas, and an individual Texas voter filed suit to block the governor of Texas from limiting drop-off sites for absentee ballots to a maximum of one per county during the state’s early voting

Texas Supreme Court: Oral Arguments on Harris County’s Plan to Send Mail Ballot Applications to All Voters

Background: On Sept. 11, a district judge ruled in State of Texas vs. Chris Hollins that the state of Texas may not prevent Chris Hollins, the Harris County Clerk, from sending election materials and resources, including ballot-by-mail applications, to all of the county’s registered voters. The state appealed the decision, and on Sept. 18 the Fourteenth Court of Appeals reaffirmed

Texas Court Denies State’s Attempt to Stop Harris County From Sending Mail Ballot Applications to All Voters

Ruling is a victory for voters September 11, 2020- In denying a temporary injunction in State of Texas v. Chris Hollins, a district judge has ruled that the State of Texas may not prevent the Harris County Clerk from sending election materials and resources, including ballot-by-mail applications, to the county’s registered voters. The court specifically rejected Texas’s arguments that the planned mailing